Burn Out as a Key

Live what really matters to you !


It needs sincerity to recognize that the hitherto path no longer bears.

It needs courage to stop it and to reorient out of the center of your heart.

Because there you will find the vitality and meaning you are longing for.


A clarified self-perception terminates states of exhaustion (burnout syndrome, depressions) and leads to an authentic way of life.

During my carreer as an economist I myself came into a burnout and discovered a way back to self determination. I explained the process, that I had gone through, in a book (only German edition, waiting for a good english translation: „Was Dir wirklich wichtig ist", ISBN-13 387387587X). This process, which is leading one beyond beliefs and fears up to the true Inner Core became a powerful method to facilitate personal transformation processes. I work with that method since 2000 for many. It combines congnitive reflexion and intensive contact with nature with an enlightened spirituality. Mind, body and soul are likewise addressed to and vitalized. 

Give yourself space in order to come to rest. Then you can really take in the process. There are two ways to participate in this well-proven path: via 1:1-coaching in Berlin or in a Time Out-setting in the Anaga mountains / Tenerife, in the plains of Werra / Thüringen or on the marvelous island Koh Phangan / Thailand. Step by step, the process and lots of outdoor units give you what you need now for a powerful new beginning. More information

After reactivating your Inner Source, the process goes on with a combination of Yoga, change of nutrition (five elements nutrition) and mental training.
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Learn to make decisions according to your valuesbased scale (outcome of the first phase), and through it, bring back authenticity and self determination into your daily life. Furthermore, you anchor the power of rituals and concentration in your life.
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Become part of a community that knows to connect economics, spirituality, self responsibility and solidarity.Through workshops and talks about traditional ways of cure, nature-centred world views, techniques of meditation, metaphysics and rituals, but also through value-based management, you will lead yourself and others towards a genuine connectedness, where heart is the law.
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Here is a short video where I explain the phases of "What really matters to you":
(again: only German version - waiting for translation :-))