The Inner Compass to Reorient





"What do I want?"

"What I would like to do?"

"How do I find a decision that carries the long run?"

These questions can not be answered sensibly and satisfactorily as long as the clarity on your personal essence is missing:

"Who am I?"

After periods of rest and strengthening the process has led you to your Inner Essence. This is exactly the right time with the active career transition to begin.

During the coaching, you have carefully revealed your "Inner Compass." It clearly shows what you are made to live for and what you want to bring into this world. As an inner decision scale it makes you independent of social or material constraints, and allows you to rid your life of all what is unauthentic: No more "for-to" activities, no more re-actions, habits and arrangements. These were the anchor for your burnout. Now  you see your own nature where all your being is urging in a clear direction. A fulfilling and independent life is now possible.

In the last section of empowerment coaching

  • learn how to make decisions from the inside out - independently of situational advantages and disadvantages and external expectations. Discover a special method to link your Inner Compass to your daily decision making
  • develop true alternatives for your career change: find allies, persue your goals independently, and get your fresh work-life balance
  • clean up last dependencies and blockades. With systematic interview preparation, strategic perspective and possibly moderating clarifying conversations, I am at your side.
  • You live to live as a free man, and connect business and spirituality! A first introduction to the value-based management opens up new ways of cooperation.

This section corresponds to the second week (DO-week) during the Time-Outs, which can be booked separately. More Info: