in a time when the human, community and nature face tremendous threats, we need more than academic explanations and material satisfaction: The relationship to life itself, the insight of a higher order, and the experience of connectedness requires its own knowledge that is revealed only by intellect. Rather we are asked to trust our heart and intuition now. It is very important that our professional activity has a strong internal and ideological fundation. This requires to overcome cognitive barriers and material dependencies. A deeper understanding of the laws of life is a premise for sensuas action.

Allow yourself a first contact with intuition and mystical wisdom - and wear them out into the everyday!

Intuition is best activated by a playful approach and quiet observation of nature. The alert and exploratory encounter with plants, animals, the elements and the seasonal cycles offers good access to a clarified perception. Periodically, I offer lectures and workshops on the application of spiritual wisdom in business and society. Please check dates at my newsletter.

When your well centered engagement has become strong enough to attract others, you will be naturally transferred to leadership. Then it is important to transmit the concerns and values, that you live for, to others.
The term "valuesbased management©," which I created with first projects in 2000, and the book "The Strategy of sincerity. Building up trust and profile through valuebased management-systems" ( see Amazon waiting for english edition) is now overused. Valuesbased management© starts on the inside of individuals - not on structures or declarations.  Valuesbased leaders are dealing with an enhanced awareness of leadership and responsibility, far beyond economic criteria or tactical behavior. Unfortunatly, this is rarely taught. Value orientation in organizations does not begin with a nationwide project - but with the awareness of those who run the organization.

An overview of the management model "values-based management" you can get here

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