... is transformation - yet I follow unswervingly the red thread that springs off my heart and connects me to the people.

Degree in Biochemistry - Establish a crop operation - Degree in Business Administration - Strategist for a energy concern - life in the Asian jungle - books - Coach - vanguard of the sustainability debate - medicinal plants in the Canary Islands - ...

This is the art to live intuition and put the intellect in her service. Spiritually anchored participating in economic and political life. Dancing the Ego and knowing that it means nothing.



... ranging from small-scale farmers to executives of large corporations.

What is important to work with me, is that a person wants to break its internal boundaries and bring his whole power in the advancement of a greater whole.
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... is my now widely employed management model for linking corporate culture and operating processes organically together. It makes the interaction between managerial control and interpersonal connection visible. The approach, a review of existing management models and numerous case studies are described in my 2007 published methods manual. ("The strategy of sincerity. The Strategy of sincerity. Building up trust and profile through valuebased management-systems.")