Time Out for reorientation


Burnout or a life crisis is no accident: For too long the focus was on the outside, not connected with soul and inner motives.

Now - and not a day later - it is time that you allow silence, retreat for a time out of your daily routine an find back your natural strength. Let yourself once be lead - I went the route itself a long time ago and can help you transform the burn-out, the crisis or the urge for self-realization effectively. Freed for a short period of pressure and everyday obligations creates a space in which you close up wuth yourself and your Inner Truth again.

Restrictive thinking and behavioral mechanisms become visible, which prevented you from living authentically with your Inner Truth. You learn to recognize these blockages and automatisms and ... release them.

Intense encounters with nature and the various aspects of your personality will open up a new self-perception. Special techniques enable potential in you, which was suppressed or manipulated for many years. Your gifts and dreams become clear and you discover the various options how to live out all your strength and all your heart.

Finally you understand where to find your place in life and beyond others, that share your intentions. Your Inner Truth will rule your life and the characteristics of your personality lead you into tasks and roles that are in full accordance with your heart. It is reality for you to live freely and naturally.

This process can be participated in either through regular coaching sessions or as part of a seminar tour (time out). For coaching we create roadmap that defines when, where and how often we will meet defined issues. If coaching in Berlin for you is not allways realizable, we may encounter in other places or agree telephone coaching. Alternatively, the process is "in one stretch" during time-outs. This is the most intense form, during a 7 -. or 14-day seminar trip to Thuringia, Tenerife or Thailand. More info: http://www.seminar-und-reisen.de